Find your minimum hourly rate

So many freelancers and creators are confused about their minimum rate and they may be working for very less than what they actually deserve. So I have created a simple calculator to calculate your minimum hourly rate.

You will get your minimum hourly rate from this calculator which is needed you to survive. You should charge a little more than your minimum hourly rate. For example, if my MHR is USD 20, I will charge my client USD 30 or more per hour.

[You can fill up this in your suitable currency]

Step 1 - Calculate your expense

Your personal monthly expense
Your business monthly expense
Your monthly savings
Your monthly tax
Your yearly expense 0

Step 2 - Weeks off in a year(including holidays, sick leaves, weekends etc.)

Total weeks in a year 52
Weeks off do you take
Working weeks 0

Step 3 - Weekly billable hours

Weekly billable hours

Step 4 - Annual working hours

Working weeks 0
Weekly billable hours 0
Yearly working hours 0

Your minimum hourly rate is 0

Adil Kazani
We all face this problem of finding our minimum hourly rate, so I decided to make this tool. I hope it is helpful to you.
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